lunes, 2 de mayo de 2011

The Second Republic and the Civil War

1. What are the main problems of the Spanish education in the early 1930's?

2. What are the aims of Azaña in the reform of the Army? How does he manage to implement those reforms?

3. What is the outcome of the anticlericalist riots in 1931? What is the position of the Republican government on these incidents?

4. What's the worst handicap of the Constitution of the Republic? Point out some of the innovations of the Constitution.

5. Why did the anarchist on Casas Viejas rose up against the republic? What was the most important aftermath of the events of Casas Viejas.
1. What's the strategy of the socialist after the electoral defeat of 1933? Who is the socialist leader responsible for this political shift of the PSOE?

2. Where did the 1934 Revolution take place? Who rose up against the republic this time? Why do they say it was the prelude of the Civil War?

3. Who was in charge of restoring the order? How did he manage to do it?

4. What are political forces involved in the Popular Front? Point out the results of the Right, Left and center in the Election of 1936 and the turnout (participation).

5. Why do we say that the political life militarise and radicalise in the Spring of 1936? How does Falange Española manage to increase its members so much? How did the PSOE and PCE merge?

6. What's name of the main Generals involved in the coup? Who was supposed to be their leader? Why wasn't him?

7. Why do they say that Spain is broken into two political extremisms? If the Goverment had lost the authority and the control in the republican side, who was holding the power?
1. Why did the nationalists call the Civil war a Crusade?

2. What's a "Paseo"? Who suffered the paseos in the Republican Zone? Who did in the Nationalist zone?

3. Why did the Western democracies remain neutral? Who supported the Republic? How? Why?
Who supported Franco? How?

4. Why do they say the wounds of the war will remain unhealed for several generations?
Explain why the Civil war is our "Never Again"? What should we Spaniards do not to repeat that nightmare again?

UNIT 9 The Second World War and its Aftermath