jueves, 17 de marzo de 2011

The Italian Fascism.

1. What was Mussolini's opinion about the school? -Quote his words./
What did the fascist school try to inculcate in the children?/
What kind of essays would you have to write in a fascist school? Is there any precedent you know of this?

2.Who signed the Latteran Pacts? Were these pacts a good deal for both sides? List the benefits of both sides. What's the main handicap for the Church?

3. How did he modernize Italy and reduce unemployement? What was Mussolini’s main aim in economy?

4. How did Mussolini regard Hitler? Had M. any negative feeling about Hitler? Where and why did their interests first clash?

5. What was Mussolini’s position in Ethiopia and the Spanish Civil War?

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